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Founded in December 1998, Daheng New Epoch Technology Inc. is a high-tech enterprise from Zhongguancun Haidian Science Park and mainly engaged in optical-electro-mechanical and electronic information industries. Approved by CSRC (China Securities Regulatory Comission) in November 2000, Daheng succesfully issued 50 million ordinary RMB shares in Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 600288) and the current general capital is 436.8 million shares. Daheng has been recognized as China Top100 Electronic Information Enterprises, Key High-Tech Enterprise of National Torch Program, Outstanding Science and Technology Enterprise of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Five Consecutive Top20 Enterprise of Zhongguancun Science Park and Top500 Enterprise of China Manufacturing for consecutive years. In 2009, Daheng New Epoch Technology Inc. was recognized as National High-Tech Enterprise of Zhongguancun.

Comprehensive advantage in high-tech and moderate diversified management lays a solid foundation for sustainable development of the company. The research and development of the products is market-oriented, high-tech and advanced. Over 70 kinds of products were awarded Fist Product of Zhongguancun Science Park, National/Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award, Distinguished Product of Beijing, etc. respectively. Over 20 patents with independent intellectual property and parts of them are listed as National Production-Teaching-Research Program, Beijing/National Torch Program, National 863 Program and key technological transformation “Shuang Gao Yi You” Program.

Since the establishment, the sales revenue and profits of Daheng have been growing substantially. By the end of 2009, the annual sales revenue stood at 3.3 billion RMB, profits and taxes 210 million RMB and total assets 2.6 billion RMB.

As a listed company based in Zhongguancun Haidian Science Park, Daheng masters modern management approaches and has excellent teams of staff with the ability of research & development, design & manufacture, sales & service of electrical and optical-electro-mechanical products. Main products include: general/special laser processing equipments, optoelectronic components and precise machines and equipments, precise coating for optics and optical communication products, holographic anti-counterfeiting packaging, comprehensive medical equipments, image graphic analyzing system, digital television broadcasting devices, semiconductor components, automatic control equipments, computer hardware, software and peripherals, computer network system, multimedia and digital publications and self researched and produced new drugs and special drugs, etc.

In the field of optical-electro-mechanical products, Daheng has a strong research and development strength.

One of the company’s main products, HRJ series infrared breast examination devices become advanced among various optical-electro-mechanical counterparts including GC series optical products by its high quality images, high technology, reliable quality and thoughtful after sale services.

Daheng’s world’s leading 3D Conformal Radiation Therapy and Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (3DCRT & IMRT), the advanced 3D Treatment Planning Systems and Visible Human Project are large comprehensive medical devices which combined computer and image processing technologies with radiation therapy devices. In 1999, Daheng’s medical devices were identified by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and awarded the second prize of Beijing Science and Technology Progress Award. With the undisputed technology advantages, Daheng’s medical devices have been equipped by over 200 well-known hospitals around China and have the biggest domestic market share. The project is listed as the key project and the achievement industrialization base of the National 863 Program and is supported by national special funds.

As one of the most well-known manufacturers of laser processing equipments in China and the national production-teaching-research base of laser processing, Daheng has utilized its technical advantages and supporting capacity to put the DH Series laser marking machines and laser welding machines into production and make them widely used in industries such as electronics, car, instrument, clocks and watches, decoration, tobacco and arms with the market share near 30%.

Daheng has the strength in research, development and production of holographic laser anti-counterfeiting packaging technology. Different kinds of materials for holographic laser anti-counterfeiting packaging are produced and applied in packaging and printing industries and become the first choice for packaging upgrading and brand image keeping of different fields.

Steady and solid are Daheng’s operation philosophy. Being realistic, sincere, pioneering and stimulating are Daheng’s spirits. Being people oriented and science technology guided is the guarantee of keeping the enterprise vigorous and developing.

More than 5% of the annual technological income is invested in the research and development of new products and the upgrade of existing products every year to keep the enterprise being innovative and in the technological leading position. As one of the China Top100 Software Enterprises, Daheng has an R&D team consisted of over 100 employees only in software division and dedicated in research and development of CAD software, network, electronic business, communication and navigation, image and graphic, intelligent medical equipments, nonlinear editing software, digital television editing and broadcasting system and media asset management system. Daheng’s innovative virtual reality software and cable television electric GIS system are absolute state-of-the-art in China and tens of new products such as Daheng Interior Design Visualization System, Daheng Office Automation System, Daheng GPS System, Cable TV Network Information Management System and Nonlinear Editing System were released with Software Product Registering Certificate or copyright. Daheng’s patented project Visible Audio Recording and Industrialization and own product Optical Fiber Intelligent Storage are supported by the electronic development foundation of China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for their advancement in technology and the future of industrialization.

Several major strategic projects of Daheng’s member enterprises such as Nonlinear Network System won the first prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, the CCTV National Audio and Video Archives project won the first prize of Technological Innovation Award of State Administration of Press, Publications, Radio, Film and Television of China and the first prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of China Society of Motion Pictures and Television Engineers. Besides, the completion of internationally advanced projects of Xinhua News Agency and Administration of Film, Television Broadcasting Interconnection Solution, WIPS Server and D3 Series software marks that Daheng’s technology and implementation ability in television broadcasting have reached leading level internationally. Next step, Daheng will increase investment in research and development to make the product line of post production, on-site production and related products rich and upgrade with the broadcasting system. A bigger market share can be expected in the following several years.

Daheng is also one of the first enterprises in China to be engaged in research and development of satellite position monitoring, commanding and dispatching system. Daheng was the first domestic company which designed, produced and implemented the later patented GPS Clusters Management System. The System is currently widely applied in police, banks, transportations, insurances, shipping, surveys and armies and is the most successful system in China. Among them, the 110 fast response prevention commanding system built for Nanjing Bureau of Public Security is the example system of Ministry of Public Security and has been operating for years safely and steadily.

Being innovative continuously is the guarantee of keeping the enterprise vigorous, developing and invincible in the intense market competition. Daheng’s newly developed Color Print Inspection System, Wireless Information Transmission and Processing System, Intelligent Transportation Information Collection and Transmission System and new type Digital Player etc. will eventually enter the market and become the new points of growth of the enterprise.


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